Do you want to reconnect with your teen?

The teenage years are ones of transition, self-discovery and socialization. They bring about unique stressors and challenges for teens to learn to navigate. Maintaining positive mental health is crucial and often starts in the home. As parents or guardians you have a unique chance to build a relationship of trust and compassion with your teen and show them that support is available. In “Supporting & Communicating with Your Teen: A Master Class”, you will be equipped with the language, tools and approaches to do just that. Show your teen they can count on you as you try to understand them better and find communication that goes both ways. 


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Module 1: Empathy

Empathy is a skill that can be learned. It will be at the core of everything we will learn in this course and the foundation for all the skills, hence why Module 1 is dedicated to it.

Module 2: Identity

This module will discuss identity. Identity issues are common amongst teens, as they are trying to integrate everything they are taught by their environment into their sense of self.

Module 3: Social Media

This module will talk about social media. This is a newer tool and therefore a newer concern, although many parents these days are on social media themselves.

Module 4: Bullying

This module will discuss bullying. This can start at a young age, and it can be very damaging. The difference between bullying and teasing is that teasing is reciprocal.

Module 5: Anxiety

Module 5 is where we’ll talk about anxiety. Anxiety is more than nerves. It is sometimes clinically diagnosed, it can be debilitating and affect one’s functioning.

Module 6: Depression

This module is about depression.  Depression is more than being really sad or simply having a low mood. It is can be severe and pervasive and impact one's daily functioning.

Module 7: Self-Harm & Suicide

In this module, we'll talk about suicide and self-harm. These are heavy and overwhelming topics, however talking about them without judgment could save someone's life.

Module 8: Boundaries

In this module, we'll talk about boundaries. The key to setting boundaries is vulnerability. We have to make ourselves vulnerable by sharing our needs and expressing what is best for us.

Module 9: Substance Use & Addiction

In this module, we’ll discuss substance use and addiction. We’ll be talking about physical, psychological and behavioural addictions, as well as ways to discuss these and support your teen.

"Every aspect of this course was really helpful. Communicating with teenagers is really tricky but this course outlines an effective way to communicate that really allows space for the teen to feel comfortable to talk and the adult to just be in that same space with the teenager without judgement. The emphasis on the importance of trust and making sure a trusting relationship has been established with the teenager is helping me understand how important it is to practice these techniques."

Carol Poitras

This course includes:

  • 9 video modules + intro and conclusion videos
  • 18 worksheets (2 per module)
  • 9 journal prompts (1 per module)
  • 9 knowledge tests (1 per module)
  • 1 monthly 50mins community call for extra support


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